Sustainable Project Development

About Us

IntroVation is a company (founded in 2009) which focuses on sustainable innovations in various sectors. The company aims to develop and introduce new innovative products and services. These products can be owned by third parties or developed by the IntroVation itself. IntroVation is strongly focused on environmental and social aspects of innovations. Sometimes these innovations are not yet economically viable. For this reason IntroVation has strong ties with governments and foundations who don't pursue profit. IntroVation works together with inventors of innovations and offers them; technical product development, investors and market introduction or distribution. IntroVation has a network of distributors around the world who have the same vision and are capable of a worldwide introduction. For more information about our services please go to the services page. IntroVation never hesitates to share knowledge and cooperate with other parties to successfully develop or introduce products or services. IntroVation believes that building consortia is essential to ensure a sustainable business.

Introvation aims to be a spider in a web of successful innovations where inventors, investors, developers, research organisations, manufacturers, distributors and governments work together under the People Planet Profit principle. Often innovations suffer from resistance of various parties. IntroVation offers these innovations a chance to move to the market because all parties are incorporated in the process. IntroVation will mainly work with parties that have an sustainable financial vision. Profitability is certainly important, but cooperation is more important and socially sustainable than just increasing initial profits. IntroVation works with many parties who share this vision and therefore often work on a 'no cure no pay' basis and are committed to a project, when success comes, everyone benefits. Through this strategy, all parties are fully involved and sharing of resources is possible. This view is increasingly appreciated and doors can be opened quickly.